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  • Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

    Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

    According to research recently conducted by the independent firm Kelton Research, having whiter teeth may translate to a better paycheck. The research firm found that people with whiter teeth are more likely to be hired and receive larger salary offers. They're also said to have more successful interpersonal relationships. Sure, job recruiters may be dazzled by an applicant's sparking teeth but we bet the bigger smiles and boost in self-confidence that come with having whiter teeth has a lot to do with it, too. At Dentist Art, we offer a variety of whitening options to help you reinvent your smile.

    Zoom! whitening system is a safe, pain-free in-office procedure that can remove years of discoloration.

    We can also customized whitening trays for home use, allowing you to choose the time that best fits your schedule. Simply fill the tray with whitening solution and wear them each day for visible results in about a week.